This work explores texture and form. My interests are in material and the effects that neglect and indifference have on the urban landscape and its surfaces. As a mixed media artist, I employ the found and situated as I believe materials reveal their history through their cracks, fissures, and decay.

My work will often resemble maps, topographies or fragments of wholes. I achieve these forms by folding, breaking, cutting, subtracting or adding material, bringing order to texture. While I consider myself a painter, my approach and execution of work varies depending on the questions and concerns embedded in the materials and processes I use.

If forms found on a map are indicators of places and spaces, then the forms I create are signifiers of the tangible and intangible effects that failed social and economic policy have had on the urban landscape and specifically underserved communities of this city.

This work is my channel for my engagement in social and community-based causes.